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ONA creates ephemeral food experiences in special places and empowers the creativity of young chefs.

We partner with the highest quality of local and sustainable producers to provide an exceptional experience to our guests.

Luca Pronzato - ONA Founder

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering two things: what ONA means and what exactly ONA does.

In Catalan, ONA means wave. We are creating a community of chefs, food producers, and winemakers that all ride the wave together along a flow of exciting events.

Why? ONA wants to empower young chefs in defining the art of food and wine. We recognize chefs’ desires for seasonal, short-term residencies, and we fully liberate the artistic expression of young chefs without ever forgetting that the real goal is providing a meal that guests adore.

The ONA Touch? We create ephemeral experiences in unexpected places and restaurants. We redesign them, create an atmosphere, providing a new team and a new identity.
We support food producers and their ways of farming. We support winemakers and their lifelong success stories.

ONA is the celebration of this community of talents and producers, all reunited to create a culinary experience that is memorable for our guests, always different, always unique.

Let’s ride the wave together.

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